About Mark’s Hometown Hauling

It all started in a garage

How many times have we heard that some great company got its start in someone’s garage? Well, in our case, we got started in a great many garages, and yards, and basements, and driveways… Mark’s Hometown Hauling is a locally owned microbusiness that’s dedicated to fair, sensibly priced trash hauling and junk removal.

We’ve been in business for almost 20 years and put a large focus on friendly customer service and making sure that items get disposed of as responsibly as possible. We donate what we can to local charities and non-profits and we recycle tons of materials from the wastestream every year.

Give Mark’s Hometown Hauling a call at (720) 323-4285 and we’ll have a short conversation about what you have and give you a cost estimate. We respect your time, so we’ll set a specific arrival time with you that fits your schedule (no inconvenient 2 or 4-hour arrival windows!). When the time comes for us to show up, we do what we say we will – we actually show up! Then the magic happens.

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Meet Owner, Mark Webb

What brought me into this business? Aside from the practical matter of providing for my family, there were also some emotionally powerful forces at work. We discovered that my sister had become quite a hoarder. And my wife’s parents passed away, leaving behind a lifetime of memories for my wife and her siblings to sort out. Letting go of possessions can be a struggle, painful not only for their owner, but also for those around them. These life events deeply affected me and I still recall how much I wanted to help.

For most people, getting rid of excess stuff is not so emotionally fraught. It’s a practical matter of moving things along that are, for various reasons, too difficult to do without help. Tip: When overwhelmed or stuck, Get Help!

I see the value in things and can quickly assess what can be reused or recycled. I have a degree from CU Boulder in Environmental Conservation with a concentration in Economics. I helped spearhead two successful environmental/political campaigns in Lafayette and was on the Sierra Club’s Executive Committee for a couple of years. So, I’m committed.

I’ve learned that I’m happiest outdoors doing physical work. For nearly 20 years, I’ve diverted a great many tons of materials and goods from the wastestream. I think it’s fair to say that my enjoyment of my work shines through. Please be sure to read my customer reviews!

More than being socially and environmentally responsible, my business model is to be helpful, reliable and fair. Helping others lighten up and put their homes in order has turned out to be more fun and fulfilling than I’d ever imagined.